Why Is Investment Banking A Very Sought After Career

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Why Is Investment Banking A Very Sought After Career

An Investment Banker is very similar to a banker and performs functions that are very alike. The difference here is that an Investment Banker deals with big firms and companies. Just like a personal banker offers his clientele valuable information on how to manage their finances, so does an Investment Banker. The main functions of such an individual or Investment Banks is to function as financial advisories to companies which includes, underwriting debt, valuing companies, conducting analysis in terms of what sort of financial expansion benefit a firm and many others.

Essentially, these investment bankers are appointed to act as middle men between firms and investors. Some of their major functions involve; saving their client’s time and money by valuing and indentifying risks, pricing financial instruments, providing timely advice on the buying and selling of stocks and bonds, valuing as well as striking deals which profit their client firms, basically ensuring that their client has a security blanket from losing substantial monetary assets.

With the rise of the modern investment banks, which are banks that act as commercial and investment banks, catering to people and firms at the same time. The fact that a career in Investment Banking runs into closing deals worth big bucks, navigating through crisis towards fairer tides and more, it is fast becoming the most sought after.

Here are a few reasons as to why a lot of people opt for a career in Investment Banking.

Investment Bankers Are Known as the Blue Eyed Boys Of The Corporate World

Careers in Investment Banking are seen as safe-bet careers, meaning that once a person gets the job, he is pretty much secure in all the aspects. Now for a person to get a job which is tailor made, it is necessary for them to be exemplary. There are a lot of top graduates from top IB and Business Schools working in this industry. Thus to work with great minds becomes a great incentive for people to get into Investment Banking.

Money, Prestige, Brains

It is a known fact, that likeminded people prefer working together. Similarly it is also known that Investment Bankers are people with high intellect and exceptional analytical skills. This is why a lot of IB graduates today want to work with someone who shares the similar intellect. Money plays a great factor here because, dealings with big firms definitely does pay you big bucks. An investment banking job comes with great prestige attached to it, as you go around with head honchos of firms, dine at fancy restaurants and visit the offices in various cities of the world. These become real solid reasons for a person to look for a career in this field.

Easy Recruitment Process

Most Investment Banking Schools host various campus placement programs where a lot of big firms are called to select people. The fact that, these firms make the ‘getting into investment field’ process so easy is the reason why a lot of students wish to take up jobs in this field. Add to it the fact that these jobs are also a way to land more prestigious education programs, make these jobs more lucrative.


Apart from money being the obvious reason, the fact that in this career, money makes the world go round is highlighted. The many benefits of a job here like mandatory vacations, great opportunities, exponential career growth etc; lead to a lot of families making it their career altogether. Thus if someone has all their relatives in this field, it is but obvious that they would want to pursue it as well. Many families have their younger generations, enroll for courses in Investment Banking and finance as soon as they graduate for the same.

There are a lot of institutes offering courses in Investment Banking in India. Imarticus Learning is a leading education institute which offers both long term and short term courses in Investment Banking.

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