Financial Modeling – Create a Confident Financial Model Yourself

Financial Modeling helps you to gain great skills in Practical Finance, MS-Excel and Business / Industry analysis. This course will help you gain an understanding of how to build robust and dynamic financial models with a special focus on Industry Research, while mastering advanced Excel and the complete art and science of Valuation.

If you are dreaming to make a career as an analyst in Corporate Finance or Investment Bank, and you are just a graduate then this program is for you.`

Imarticus Learning offers 80 hours program which includes the below modules:

  • Modeling Overview and Core Concept
  • Accounting Fundamental and an Understanding of the three financial statements
  • Projecting the three Financial Statements (Case Study Based on Ajanta Cranes)
  • Three Statement Projections Advanced (Case Study- Indigo)
  • Equity Value, Enterprise Value and Multiples (BhartiAirtel)
  • Valuation – The Discounted cash flow (Dr Reddy’s)
  • Valuation: Comparable Public Companies and Comparable Transactions (Dr. Reddy’s Pharmaceuticals)
  • Valuation of a Private Company (Anup Pharmaceuticals)
  • Applying Valuation to Real Life Decision making
  • Customizing Models to various transactions
  • Excel Shortcuts & Charting

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Why to enroll for this Course?
Lots of leading banks, manufacturing companies and b-schools have classroom and online editions for this program. This course content is designed, recorded and edited by top professionals who are expertise in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Project Finance and Business Consulting domains at world-class banks.

At the end of this program, you will receive the industry endorsed FMVC certification which will help you to get you the best career opportunities in leading international firms.  

Who can go for this course?

Professionals who are planning to be analysts in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Private Equity Corporate Finance executives Entrepreneurs and Businessmen Business Analysts


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