How to Prepare To become a Financial Model

Financial Models are are used to correctly assess a firm’s current state, as well as devise a future state in multiple scenarios. Financial modelling is a skillset that any serious Finance student must have and used extensively when you work for Investment Banks, Analytical/Research Firms, KPO’s, Credit rating organizations, Hedge Funds, PE’s, Venture Capitalists and even Startups!

 Here is a quick 10 question basic quiz to test if you are pro or an amateur modeler!

 1)     To start with the basic, walk us through a sample cash flow statement

2)     What are the two ways that the terminal value of a firm can be calculated?

3)     Define the three ratios that help to analyse the liquidity of a company?

4)     How do you calculate the Debt service coverage ratio?

5)     In Excel, which is more useful LOOKUP or VLOOKUP? When should each be used? And what are the pitfalls of each?

6)     What is the difference between NPV and XNPV? When would you use either? What are the limitations of the two?

7)     What is sensitivity analysis? How do you run a sensitivity analysis on a company?

8)     How do you model a leverage buy out? How is it different from a typical M&A deal?

9)     All things equal, what happens when a firm with a lower P/E ratio acquires a firm with a higher P/E ratio? Will the deal be accretive or dilutive? How does it impact EPS?

10)You do not have time to run an extensive financial model. How do you value a firm in 2 minutes?

 If you were able to answer 8/10 questions (without cheating), you are a pro!!! Model away – your financial models will make us proud!

 If you are able to answer 7 and less, no worries. It looks like you need a refresher!



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