Presentation Skills – How to Make It Great

Effective presentation is one of the most important skills which we need at a corporate level.  Mastering the art of presenting a topic needs lot of practice and delivery. Below are some of the points that can be considered while preparing for a presentation.

  • Stick to your time limit – It is strongly recommended that the speaker should stick to the time limit. At the end of the day, nobody wants to be part of a presentation which is boring and taking too long to finish. You will lose the audience connect in this process.
  • Understand your target audience – As a speaker, you should have a fairly good idea of who your audience is. If the crowd primarily consists of younger lot of people, you have to connect to them in a different way and make it very interactive to get the best result.
  •  Don’t include lot of text in your PPT, use bullet points and then validate your point
  • Articulate the major points rather than covering everything
  • Remember, it is a presentation and not a reading session
  • Maintain a good eye contact with the audience – This showcases that you are well prepared with your topic
  • Be confident – Confidence matters the most, as a presenter it is very critical not to be nervous with questions that can be asked by the members. Try to answer it crisply and be specific
  • Walk around a little with your hand gesture.Bad presenters keep their hands on the podium or in their pockets! Don’t stand static at one place as the session becomes quite monotonous in that case. Good presenters always pay attention to their body language.

In order to create a wow experience, it’s important to keep these small things in mind which in turn goes a long way in making your presentation as knowledge based interaction.

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