How Imarticus Learning Makes Certification In Hadoop Worthwhile

Imarticus Learning is a leading institute which strives to bridge the gap between academics and industry, by offering various industry endorsed courses in Financial Services, Business Analysis, Business Analytics, Wealth Management and various tools of Big Data Science and Data Analytics. This institute has long standing associations with about 480 companies, including top investment banking firms such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, E&Y and so on. With more fifteen thousand students, enrolled in both the online as well as classroom format of programs, Imarticus has successfully carved a niche for itself, with its curriculum, designed in such a way that it is in a unique position to deliver industry relevant knowledge, to all of its students. Equipped with a considerable network of domestic and global companies, this institute has established itself as a foremost gateway for successful careers at some of the most renowned financial services and analytics firms.

The emerging field of Data Science has attracted quite a lot of professionals as well as students, towards all of its lucrative career option. Imarticus Learning has proven to be pioneer in offering comprehensive courses in various data analytics tools, such as R Programming, SAS Programming, Hadoop, Python and so on. Having been acknowledges with various laurels like that of the leading institute in SAS & Python and being one of the top four Analytics Training Institutes in India, Imarticus proves to be the best bet when it comes to learning about Data Science.

Hadoop, as a data analytics tool has been making headlines, especially due to the seamlessly easy way it handles huge amounts of data. Imarticus offers a distinguished certification in Hadoop, which is known as the Certification in Big Data and Hadoop. This program consists of comprehensive coverage of all the trends in Big Data, HDFS architecture, MapReduce concepts, Query tools and several other advanced Hadoop concepts. This courses is taught by highly experienced industry professionals, having a sterling experience of more than 15 years in the IT field. The institute believes in learning through acquiring hands-on-experience, this basically gets reflected in the 40% of the program which is based on practical exercises and case studies.

This program is thoroughly aligned to meet the needs of the industry and the focus is always on job-readiness rather than being excessively academic and theoretical. The unique feature of this course is that its curriculum is entirely vetted by Imarticus Learning’s Analytics Advisory Council, which is constituted of senior management professionals from top Analytics firms so as to ensure, that the students are supplied with effective learning.

Once a candidate has completed this 72 hour program, they would be awarded with an industry endorsed certification in Big Data and Hadoop. The Career Service team at Imarticus ensures that every candidate is provided with relevant job leads after courses completion and provides valuable assistance, when it comes to the process of applying for jobs thus helping the candidates to unlock various career opportunities in the field of Data Science.

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