The Rising Need Of A Financial Analyst/Planner

151028_ADV_HowFinancialPlannerIn the early 19th Century, to like a happy life, it was very necessary for a person to meet certain demands. The factors that were looked at, as those that measured the happiness quotient in life, were the ownership of three mundane things. These were food, shelter and clothes; any person who had these three, would definitely fit right into the happier end of the yardstick of life. A few decades ago, things changes drastically with the advent of technology and the formidable internet of things, albeit in its earlier, adolescent stages. Soon another aspect was added on to the list of must haves in life, this was the Internet. Today, although this ever increasing list, seems to have another addition; clearly inspired by the direction in which, things are heading in the current times. Apart from a house, food, clothes and a stable internet connection, almost everyone is in dire need of a Financial Planner in today’s world.

Let’s loose the light side of things for a while, as we divulge into the technicalities of what and who a Financial Planner is. This is a professional who is highly qualified, in terms of everything money related. Financial analyst are hired by a number of companies, governments as well as high net worth individuals, who are in need of a professional who can manage their finances with absolute finesse. Anyone who has a great amount of interest in Finance and all things related, can think of taking this up as a serious career option. While today there are a number of arbitrary courses that offer general training, which helps in furthering a career in the field of finance, there are also other options. These options include professional institutes like that of one Imarticus Learning, which excels at offering tailor made, mentor run programs, which train candidates in order to make them relevant enough to work with all the top banks from the industry.

Now, that we have established what exactly a Finance certified analyst is, lets reacquaint ourselves with the impending conditions in our surroundings. We all live and breath in the 21st Century, where there exists an acute level of competition, which goes hand in hand with an acute level of scarcity; both of which thrive across a number of different fields. The famous opening lines of Charles Dickens, from his novel  A Tale Of Two Cities, which start off as, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”; are very familiar with our current day predicaments. With the life expectancy rates, monetary value of currency and infrastructure; being at an all time high, the standard of living has been changing at the speed of light. With such affluence, there is a great rise in investment opportunities, with the markets being replete with the most lucrative of deals.

The pressing need of a financial planner, seems to be the order of the day mainly because of the fact that it is these professionals, who will be able to ensure, the constancy of your purchasing power, against the stormy currents of inflation and other such risks.

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