What’s the Lifestyle of an Investment Banker like?

So many movies, books, T.V shows and the entirety of pop-culture, have time and again glorified the field of Investment Banking, as the most exciting, enthralling of all, full of adrenaline rushes and exciting closures of multimillion dollar deals. Most of us are well acquainted with this field, especially all of the finance aspirants, but have we stopped and wondered, what kind of a lifestyle would an Investment Banker be leading in today’s day and age? Investment Banker is usually considered to be a highly qualified professional, who has to responsibility of taking care of all the financial tasks of all their clients and attend to their financial needs.

There are quite a number of reasons, why anyone would want to pursue Investment Banking as their career. It surely is no secret, that many Investment Bankers, the more experienced they get, the bigger deals they become a part of. This basically caters to those amazing convertible cars, straight cut suits, smart watches and the latest technological gadgets, for these professionals. This upscale, polished lifestyle, tends to an undeniable psychological attraction, for all those finance aspirants, who would want to one day close a multimillion-dollar investment deal, for one of the big gun companies in the finance industry. Very rarely do we tend to see beyond the glittering surface, where these very Investment Bankers, sweat it out on their professional turd by putting in long hours and working almost round the clock, in order to accomplish such great deals.

An ideal day of any Investment Banker would begin with a detailed discussion about the upcoming IPOs, or Initial Public Offerings, meeting up with the Director of the company, going on to review the Mergers and Acquisitions Pitch, revising all valuation materials, while collaborating on it with the clients, dealing with the reviewing of the M&A valuation material and finally completing a draft on the same. This process takes up close to or more than 12 hours daily, which is why that amazing upscale lifestyle, is almost like a compensation for this hard work.

For many aspirants, the biggest motivating factor here is the kind of money, you earn as an Investment Banker, as well as the lifestyle you get to experience and live as a result of that. But just being motivated by the addons and the benefits of this career, would not help you get there. It is only those professionals, who have had a passion for finance since forever and who can keep up with the ever changing financial trends, are able to make it big in this rewarding field. The popular opinion here is that you just need to have a graduation degree, in any field related to finance to be an Investment Banker, but it is not enough. Recently with a number of employers looking for candidates, with industry relevant skills, have resulted into the popularity of professional training courses. These courses are comprehensive training programs in various branches of the field of Finance, like for instance Imarticus Learning, which offers numerous industry endorsed courses in the field of Investment Banking, Portfolio Management, Asset Management and so on. These courses, give the candidates an edge over their contemporaries, when it comes to working for top investment banks.

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