Best Industries for Data Scientists

These days with the kind of momentum that the industry of data science is growing at, it has become quite the golden time to pursue a career as a Data Scientist. It has become quite the pan-industry career, spanning various different sectors and creating multiple opportunities for professionals to derive insights through data.

Did you know that technology sector alone compromises of about 41% of the data scientists in the sector? Whereas 13% of the data scientists are seen working in the marketing sector, then 11% function in the corporate world and 9% perform consultative duties. Apart from these mainstream options, there are also data scientists working in the health care and pharmaceutical sectors, they measure up to 7%.

Now that we have fairly established what a hot and happening career data science is, let us talk about some of the best career options where a data scientist can flourish. Now it is important to keep in mind the highly valuable nature of data science and the various things that it can actually result into. Which is why we will be breaking away from the run of the mill, ordinary kind of career and shift to a little more interesting bundle of the same.

The first career in our list is the industry of Biotechnology, surprised aren’t you? But you shouldn’t really be, mainly because since the beginning of time, the field of science and medicine have been interdependent on each other. History is witness to the fact that as technology improved, almost all of the nations shifted their focus to growth and development of public health facilities.

The reason why this field will require data scientists because, as a global community we are almost on the brink of decoding the human genome and unlocking all the secrets that have remained hidden so far. For this very purpose, we would need data the size of a mountain, because it happens to be an unbelievable feat to achieve.

Energy is one other industry which is on its path to vocalize its demands for data scientists. As time passes, new potential resources of energy are developed. And in order to harness the energy output of these modern resources. Various new campaigns like the storage of crude oil, exploration of new ways to extract energy and mineral wealth from the earth and brain storming of new ways of transporting the energy sources and finding new ways to exploit solar energy and clean energy. All of these need expert data scientists to help them along the way.

Another industry which will be in need of data scientists is the quality control and source inspection industry, then the transportation industry might also mirror demands of the same. Telecommunications is one very dynamic industry that will be in need of data scientists in the near future. In order to feed this demand, droves of people have decided to take up this as their career option. Some choose the path of gainful experience during employment whereas some choose the vocational training path, with comprehensive courses offered by training institutes like Imarticus Learning.

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