How Is the Life of a Financial Analyst?

The industry of financial services offers a number of exciting career opportunities for candidates. Among these, there are some opportunities which tend to bend towards more rigorous use of your mental ability. One such career option is the position of a financial analyst. Many of us who are interested in this career option already are aware of the various types of educational qualifications and skill set required to enter this field, as well as the scope of it. But not a lot of us are really aware about the life of a professional financial analyst, or what they do all day long.

The work day of any financial analyst depends greatly upon the kind of experience that they have in the field. For instance, those professionals who just have just started off in this field and have junior level positions usually deal with a lot of data collection, financial modelling and spreadsheet maintenance. While on the other hand, the senior level executives usually are involved in preparing investment theses and then coordinating with the management team of the company as well as other investors and their market ideas. Financial analysts are divided into two kinds, one who work on the buy side and the other who work on the sell side.

The first few years of a Financial Analyst’s life are usually spent gathering all sorts of relevant data, making comparisons between spreadsheets and then updating them, helping in piecing together financial models and going through the news and magazines of varied relevance to the field. The ultimate aim of all of these objectives is development of a solid understanding, which outlines all of the fundamentals of any business sector or industry. This will prove extremely helpful for their career ahead in the future and help them in formulating the various types of schemes and helping in making investment decisions.

There are a majority of financial analysts who, when in their junior stage opt for certifications like the Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA. There is a three tiered exam which these professionals have to actually give in order to receive the professional license through this credential. Senior analysts are called so because they have developed a proper understanding of the business as well as have generated many contacts over the years, working for their respective companies. The professional life of such individuals involves using the data to formulate investment decisions.

When they aren’t trying to put together the most suitable investment options for any firm, they are looking out for developing relationships with industry and company contacts as well as marketing the team’s work. There are many senior analysts who flourish in mentorship roles and take up the responsibility of passing ahead the wisdom of their field. Many of these professionals progress over the professional ladder through attending meetings, talking to traders and sales people, dealing with marketing team and so on. On the other hand there are also professionals who jumpstart their career through professional training courses like the ones offered by institutes like Imarticus Learning.

Best Industries for Data Scientists

These days with the kind of momentum that the industry of data science is growing at, it has become quite the golden time to pursue a career as a Data Scientist. It has become quite the pan-industry career, spanning various different sectors and creating multiple opportunities for professionals to derive insights through data.

Did you know that technology sector alone compromises of about 41% of the data scientists in the sector? Whereas 13% of the data scientists are seen working in the marketing sector, then 11% function in the corporate world and 9% perform consultative duties. Apart from these mainstream options, there are also data scientists working in the health care and pharmaceutical sectors, they measure up to 7%.

Now that we have fairly established what a hot and happening career data science is, let us talk about some of the best career options where a data scientist can flourish. Now it is important to keep in mind the highly valuable nature of data science and the various things that it can actually result into. Which is why we will be breaking away from the run of the mill, ordinary kind of career and shift to a little more interesting bundle of the same.

The first career in our list is the industry of Biotechnology, surprised aren’t you? But you shouldn’t really be, mainly because since the beginning of time, the field of science and medicine have been interdependent on each other. History is witness to the fact that as technology improved, almost all of the nations shifted their focus to growth and development of public health facilities.

The reason why this field will require data scientists because, as a global community we are almost on the brink of decoding the human genome and unlocking all the secrets that have remained hidden so far. For this very purpose, we would need data the size of a mountain, because it happens to be an unbelievable feat to achieve.

Energy is one other industry which is on its path to vocalize its demands for data scientists. As time passes, new potential resources of energy are developed. And in order to harness the energy output of these modern resources. Various new campaigns like the storage of crude oil, exploration of new ways to extract energy and mineral wealth from the earth and brain storming of new ways of transporting the energy sources and finding new ways to exploit solar energy and clean energy. All of these need expert data scientists to help them along the way.

Another industry which will be in need of data scientists is the quality control and source inspection industry, then the transportation industry might also mirror demands of the same. Telecommunications is one very dynamic industry that will be in need of data scientists in the near future. In order to feed this demand, droves of people have decided to take up this as their career option. Some choose the path of gainful experience during employment whereas some choose the vocational training path, with comprehensive courses offered by training institutes like Imarticus Learning.

Scope of a Business Analyst in India

In the recent years with the boom in the technology sector and by extension, the expansive growth in the fields of business and commerce, there has been a pressing need for professionals who would be the leaders in steering the various companies to success. This is also the reason why in today’s world, positions like business analyst have grown more and more in both importance as well as numbers. This is mainly because of the fact that those people who happen to have a background in this field are often credited for the great success, growth, and development of their respective companies.

The principal aim of any organization happens to be the maximization of its profits, both in terms of monetary sense and non-monetary sense. This is why many big name companies invest a lot of money in developing the various procedures and techniques of the data science industry which will then in turn help in accelerating the process which leads to decisions after the data from the past records is processed. As this field is fairly new and is getting popular by the minute, there is a high increase in both the number of people opting for the same as well as the opportunities.

A business analyst in India supposedly has quite a lot of functions to perform as a part of the daily routine. At the same time, the professional is expected to be an absolutely brilliant multitasker. Anyone who wants to become a successful business analyst must know how to perfectly juggle roles of a mediator, connector, and a project communicator. These professionals are supposed to be masters when it comes to making presentations or even having discussions with various professionals. Today it has become extremely essential for various organizations to hire professionals who are expert in big data who will be able to provide essential insights for the growth of the business.

When it comes to the scope of business analysts, there are various big named companies like Infosys, IBM and many others who happen to have the need for business analysts to operate their tools in order to compile intelligent business solutions for them. There are a few approaches that you need to be well aware of in order to progress better and they are, right building objectives, right technologies, right resources, right business offers, and right top management commitments. There are various ways to make it big in this industry, but one very sure way is to learn about big data analytics tools and techniques that are usually used by all the top companies around the world.

A candidate who is able to thoroughly understand his role well and is able to function perfectly well with complex business issues smartly can surely gain a lot of success in this field. As the scope widens quite a lot of this field, there happen to be many takers for the same as well. While there are long term courses that train candidates, at the same time there are also professional training institutes like Imarticus Learning that offer comprehensive courses in business analysis too.

Data Analytics to Now Help In the Field Of Security

big data BasicsWith the growing application of the field of data science in various verticals across the industry, there is no doubt in the fact that any stone would be left unturned. This is very true especially in the context of India’s strategic policy of security. This comes right after the recent news that CISF which is also known as the Central Industrial Security Force, which happens to be a national agency has announced that there is a need to secure all of the important assets especially when it comes to evidence, which is why they have come up with a novel idea of creating a ‘media lab’ as well as a social media monitoring room at its base near Chennai.

Now what is interesting is the way this is going to be achieved. Precisely through the use of social media directly. There are numerous social media trends that will be followed and tracked and then the data analytics professionals with analyse them and process the same in order to ensure as well as monitor the security of our country’s most vital assets both physical in nature like the airports, the nuclear reactors and aerospace installations as well as virtual in nature like confidential data stored in the cloud.

This media lab is supposed to be created basically for the purpose of usage by the Pattern Research for Institutional Social Media (PRISM) analytics at the Chennai base of CISF. This whole project will include a team of trained professionals who are basically CISF agents. These officers would be trained in order to learn how to track social media trends, the various news and snippets available online and offline, reports and various other indicators across various platforms in order to collate them and help dish them out as pieces of vital information. These would then be referred to as pieces of “actionable intelligence” to various places of transit like airports and so on.

The paramilitary forces will also be roped in this exercise and there will be various platforms that will function as their sources. These platforms would range from websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr and so on in order to keep a check on any such activity that guarantees some sort of suspicion. The Director General of CISF, Mr. OP Singh said, “WE are doing this on an experimental basis. The PRISM control room is based in the southern part of the country as we have a sizable number of units that have armed security cover in that part. Based on the experiences this smart center will be further bolstered. There will be a special team of our men who will be keeping a track of social media trends in order to keep all of their physical assets safe and sound from any injury.”

The success of this experiment would ensure that the security of our country will get a huge boost and thus at the same students will want to train more in the field of data analytics through institutes like Imarticus Learning.


Ways Data Science Can Transform Your Business

The sheer amount of data that is being generated today can totally be called as the marketers’ dream. Anyone in the marketing industry might know the very importance of being able to work with an audience which is not just the target audience of the firm, but the right kind of target audience. This is all come to be true due to the presence of data science and big data. This data is usually generated in huge amounts through various Internet of Things devices that are used by the majority population in their homes, social media profiles and so on.

Did you know that today with the right kind of tools, you could actually go ahead and drive your own campaign on the basis of the right kind of data and by gathering the same from the right kind of places as well? It is almost like the business which deal in data science, have found out a huge gold mine for themselves by landing on such great amounts of right kind of big data. This way they are able to have successful conversions of their very own customers and help in gaining profits. But on the other hand not all data scientists or business owners are able to actually reap the benefits of the same.

Here are a few tips to help you along in your journey to transform your business.

  1. Focus on finding the right kind of customers

Data science, more often than not goes along a long way in trying to create the face of your entire business campaign. Always focus on the best kind of advertising methods which will help you land in the perfect kind of position where you can not only attract the most amount of attention but also ensure that there is the right kind of business optimization taking place. For instance let’s talk about banner ads, if no one happens to be clicking on them, why not show them the door?

  1. Landing on your target audience

The purpose of data science is not only to show you how many people clicked on your advertisement, rather it is to show you a lot, lot more in general. The number of clicks are really instrumental, but at the same time what is more important is the fact that who exactly are the people who are doing this clicking thing. Data Science does just that for you, it gives you a whole picture of who exactly is doing the clicking and how exactly the other factors affect the same.

  1. The Need To Find The Best Candidate

While we did begin with the marketing side of things, which is not really all that data can do. This field is not just meant to entice people but to do a lot, lot more. Which is why it is important to find out the right kind of candidate who can help you find out and also take advantage of the same. Finding professionals trained for the industry like the ones churned out by professional training institutes like Imarticus Learning is a great way to start your journey.

The Sure Way to Becoming an Investment Banking Analyst

Investment-Banking-careerWhen an investment banking aspirant thinks about working in a bank, there never really is any consideration of working in a local bank or even working with any of the small-scale businesses or individuals. These golden fringed dreams usually involve big names like Morgan and Stanley, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Brain Capital, Sequoia and so on. Apart from these big guns, the dreams of many a wannabe investment bankers include strolling along the prestigious halls of Wall Street in the most gallant of manners. But the more important question here is how exactly they are able to achieve and if they are, then how many exactly reach there.

As a rule for us Indians, anything foreign, especially if it belongs to the British or the Americans is considered to be the best quality ever. Which is why we see thousands of students every single year, battling it out to get either hired by internationally recognised banks or even get an internship among these top gun institutions. Mostly the majority population follows the same old rule of going down the much-beaten path of an MBA and then go ahead and just get them some experience within one of these firms. But then again not all of those who enroll themselves in these courses really are able to achieve exactly what they set out for.

Let’s take an international example first. The foreign countries are especially crazed about Ivy League schools and similarly trained professionals, mainly because of the fact that it is considered that education imparted here is the best quality. The Harvard University annually holds a stock pitching competition where it invites pitches from groups of students all over the world. These pitches are then narrowed down to just the top 15 groups who are then invited to the real and live competition. But recently there seems to be a rather unusual turn of events in this competition. For the first time, it wasn’t really an Ivy league group only party, as there was present a group of students who belonged to a non-Ivy league college. Their win was guaranteed because of this new and unconventional course that was taught to them in their college which was called Investment Banking for the Street Analyst.

Similar is the case with the students of our country. While it may seem that the majority of people are all but ready to jump on the bandwagon of MBA courses as they feel that, this is one sure shot way to enter the field of finance and investment banking. While this may be true to some extent, but it is not really the only rule here. There happens to be a mushrooming of rather unconventional, vocational training courses, which are both less expensive and of lesser duration than the long drawn MBA courses. This is why quite a sizeable number of students lately have begun to opt for such training programs, which are also industry endorsed in order to become an Investment Banking Analyst. There are many such institutes available in India like for instance Imarticus Learning.

Companies Use These Methods to Select the Best Employees in the field of Data Science

Companies, especially in the field of data science, are known to be quite the picky employers, for the very reason that there exists a lot of competition in the industry. There has been a study quite recently, the findings of which state that a number of data scientists who have been already working as professionals, learned to work the way they do not through a proper course of formal training but rather through either a professional training course or through those courses that are available online for free.

Professional training courses today, have been very much on the rise mainly because the industry has begun to actually be transformed into this quest for the most suited employee. This is because the companies today don’t just want anyone who can wing it, but rather want a professional who is able to sort out things and get the work done in the most effective manner possible. Which is why candidates are today looking to get thoroughly trained in order to become industry endorsed and are similarly looking to do professional training courses to achieve the same. In the context of India, there are quite a few professional training institutes like Imarticus Learning which are rising in popularity in terms of training candidates to be industry endorsed.

When companies look for candidates, there are few chosen tips that they all follow

  1. Firstly the companies start off with the basics and begin their search for individuals and candidates who would be proficient in computer science or have a degree in a related field. According to statistics, there are about 30% of such candidates, who are currently working as data science professionals and had been computer science undergraduates before entering the field.
  2. There are so many jobs available and so much demand that statistics state that professionals are always on the lookout for jobs, almost two hours a week sometimes. This shows that although a part of the industry there are many candidates who are willing to move on to better positions and better career roles in data science.
  1. Companies are always looking out for candidates and while doing so they ensure that they find out the right kind of candidate with the right kind of educational qualifications. While a data scientist or a data analyst would be their cup of tea, but someone who is a software engineer or a software developer would have fewer chances of getting employed by that very company.
  1. The most important trait, however, is the skillset. Many companies are extremely stringent about the same which is why candidates looking for employment have to up their game quite seriously. This is also the reason why the competition when it comes to choosing candidates also increases. Statistics state that only 4% of the employed data scientists can say quite sure that they are equipped to perform the roles expected out of them as they have the required skillset to do so.