The Importance of Investment Banking

Investment banks and commercial banks are the foundation of our economy. Business would grind to a halt without the administrations being given by these establishments. Everything from working capital credits to fund stock to a great deal more mind boggling financing of acquisitions that streamline enterprises and take out waste are given by banks.

Venture managing an account is a specific saving money framework that enables clients to contribute their cash specifically or in a roundabout way and furthermore helps organizations, government and individual raise subsidize by methods for security offering, security deals, mergers and acquisitions and issuing of IPO. Venture managing an account gives both the educated and the learner in the speculation business the chance to augment better profit of their business or property by method for mergers and acquisitions.

Lately numerous venture banks have started searching for software engineering or building majors who have involvement with coding. Yet, don’t give that a chance to demoralize you, certain venture banks like Goldman Sachs welcome candidates of all majors, regardless of whether they’re examining financial aspects or verse, however these open doors are rarer.

Everybody knows to expect long, difficult work weeks regardless of what fund zone they work in, however is an occupation in speculation managing an account truly that much more regrettable? Yes. As indicated by information announced by Transparent Career clients, the normal weeks’ worth of work for Investment Banking is around 77 hours, which levels out to around 11 hours every day.

Odds are you’ve heard that counselling employments require an extra, specific sort of meeting. Regularly so do venture managing an account firms. The quant talk with, short for quantitative, tests your insight into specialized themes, for example, bookkeeping or valuation. You might be made a request to take a gander at and examine a money related proclamation or made a request to characterize certain terms like “working capital” or “goodwill.” Some questioners may even toss in a couple of hard mind secrets to perceive how you handle taking care of issues under anxiety.

This is why lately, many HR managers hiring for top notch Investment Banks are looking out for candidates, who not only know all the basic concepts of this field, but also know how to properly present it out in front of the public and clients. Apart from this, those candidates who have a set of non-verbal, industry endorsed skills are highly preferred. The reason for this being that Investment Banking is not just a field that deals with multimillion dollar deals, it is also about how awe-inspiring and smart a professional is and he looks in order to get the proper kind of work happening. Investment Banking professionals or better known as Investment Bankers play as important a role as the banks themselves do in the economy. Thus if they are unable to bring their A-game, it reflects badly even on the Investment Banks.

This is why many institutes like Imarticus Learning happen to contribute in this field by offering a number of professional training courses for Investment Bankers.

Why Do Professionals Prefer Trading Over Investment?

Stock trading is the consistent offering and purchasing of stock, cash and wares with the point of bringing forth benefits. While a stock trader might be fulfilled by yearly returns in the scope of 10-15% a stock broker is sharp winning a specific rate on a month to month premise. A trader purchases stock when the costs go down and offers them instantly the costs go up, ordinarily inside brief time frames. In falling markets, dealers offer at higher costs and to cover they purchase at low costs.

Traders make their misfortunes or benefits in brief lengths when contrasted with financial specialists who take a long stretch before they offload their stock. Traders may now and again deal their stock at foreordained costs keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from making further misfortunes; this is done as a preventive instrument. Stock merchants make high likelihood exchanging strides that are come to through stochastic oscillators and moving midpoints. As trading and investment banking happen to be branch out under the field of corporate finance, many professionals here have investment banking certifications as a part of their resume.

Stock brokers are different professionals in light of the length between when they buy and deal their exchanging instruments. The following are classes of stock merchants:

  • Position traders who are supposed to hold exchanging instruments from a couple of months to quite a long while.
  • Swing traders who are supposed hold their instruments in time periods that range between a day and half a month.
  • Day traders are supposed to hold instruments similarly as the name recommends amid the day and will auction before the night.
  • Scalp traders don’t hold overnight positions and just have stock for a few moments or minutes and arrange them off.

Financial specialists or Investment Bankers despite what might be expected reliable gather benefits over drawn out stretches of time by obtaining the securities, shared assets, stock portfolios, stock crate or a few different instruments. Stock financial specialists pick up benefits through reinvesting beforehand earned profits and benefits by adding more stock to their stock share or exacerbating.

A stock Investment Banker may hold a stock for quite a long while with some notwithstanding for 10 years or all the more; amid this time the speculator keeps an eye out for rewards, for example, stock parts, profits and interests. Stock speculators are propelled by the way that regardless of the market variances they will have the capacity to recuperate from their misfortunes when the costs bounce back and they are constantly on edge advertise basics particularly cost.

Toward the day’s end the trader and Investment Bankers,  both win benefits; brokers exploit the fluctuating stock costs to purchase and offer along these lines procuring little however normal benefits, then again speculators purchase yet hold stock for longer periods with the point of making extensive overall revenues. While many professionals opt for the field of trading mainly because they feel that the pressrure there is better. As a trader, things will always be interesting and there will be consistent adrenaline rush. But, on the contrary, it is Investment Banking that you must go ahead and choose. This is because when you pursue investment banking courses, you usually get a wider scope of the field and thus more exposure as wall. Taking up more industry endorsed investment banking courses like those offered by Imarticus Learning is the best decision you would make.

Operations in Commercial Banks


The basics of Investment Banking


What Is Investment Banking?

A number of financial advisory activities that are provided by a bank to individuals or singular organizations

What are the services provided here?

Various services provided under Investment Banking entail mergers, acquisitions, dealings in securities, managing assets and underwriting.

Who is an Investment Banker?

A person, well versed with the financial language and can very well analyze a company and help in boosting the creation of its financial assets and capital.

What does a Career in Investment Banking take?

Goal orientation, determination, perseverance and a knack for numbers, risk management and analyzing.


Why Is Investment Banking A Very Sought After Career

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Why Is Investment Banking A Very Sought After Career

An Investment Banker is very similar to a banker and performs functions that are very alike. The difference here is that an Investment Banker deals with big firms and companies. Just like a personal banker offers his clientele valuable information on how to manage their finances, so does an Investment Banker. The main functions of such an individual or Investment Banks is to function as financial advisories to companies which includes, underwriting debt, valuing companies, conducting analysis in terms of what sort of financial expansion benefit a firm and many others.

Essentially, these investment bankers are appointed to act as middle men between firms and investors. Some of their major functions involve; saving their client’s time and money by valuing and indentifying risks, pricing financial instruments, providing timely advice on the buying and selling of stocks and bonds, valuing as well as striking deals which profit their client firms, basically ensuring that their client has a security blanket from losing substantial monetary assets.

With the rise of the modern investment banks, which are banks that act as commercial and investment banks, catering to people and firms at the same time. The fact that a career in Investment Banking runs into closing deals worth big bucks, navigating through crisis towards fairer tides and more, it is fast becoming the most sought after.

Here are a few reasons as to why a lot of people opt for a career in Investment Banking.

Investment Bankers Are Known as the Blue Eyed Boys Of The Corporate World

Careers in Investment Banking are seen as safe-bet careers, meaning that once a person gets the job, he is pretty much secure in all the aspects. Now for a person to get a job which is tailor made, it is necessary for them to be exemplary. There are a lot of top graduates from top IB and Business Schools working in this industry. Thus to work with great minds becomes a great incentive for people to get into Investment Banking.

Money, Prestige, Brains

It is a known fact, that likeminded people prefer working together. Similarly it is also known that Investment Bankers are people with high intellect and exceptional analytical skills. This is why a lot of IB graduates today want to work with someone who shares the similar intellect. Money plays a great factor here because, dealings with big firms definitely does pay you big bucks. An investment banking job comes with great prestige attached to it, as you go around with head honchos of firms, dine at fancy restaurants and visit the offices in various cities of the world. These become real solid reasons for a person to look for a career in this field.

Easy Recruitment Process

Most Investment Banking Schools host various campus placement programs where a lot of big firms are called to select people. The fact that, these firms make the ‘getting into investment field’ process so easy is the reason why a lot of students wish to take up jobs in this field. Add to it the fact that these jobs are also a way to land more prestigious education programs, make these jobs more lucrative.


Apart from money being the obvious reason, the fact that in this career, money makes the world go round is highlighted. The many benefits of a job here like mandatory vacations, great opportunities, exponential career growth etc; lead to a lot of families making it their career altogether. Thus if someone has all their relatives in this field, it is but obvious that they would want to pursue it as well. Many families have their younger generations, enroll for courses in Investment Banking and finance as soon as they graduate for the same.

There are a lot of institutes offering courses in Investment Banking in India. Imarticus Learning is a leading education institute which offers both long term and short term courses in Investment Banking.

Investment Banking – Basics

The primary function of any bank usually entails dealing with money either in the monetary form or in the form of assets. The commercial banks have their dealings with the end customer in terms of accepting deposits or granting loans, while the investment banks deal with companies or other similar bodies, either offering advice or aiding in solving financial problems.

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What is Investment Banking?

Investment Banking in the broadest sense can be compared to a middle ground in a B2B transaction where the end customer is nowhere in the picture and the parties being dealt with are organizations or firms both governmental and non-governmental. It basically entails a number of financial advisory activities that are provided by a bank to individuals or singular organizations. The various services provided under Investment Banking entail mergers, acquisitions, dealings in securities, managing assets and underwriting. Broadly speaking Investment Banking deals with a bank body’s financial analysis of a certain firm and the advice that is beneficial to their financial functioning.

What’s the job of an Investment Banker?

An Investment Banker can very well be called an expert of substance in the field of Investment. These individuals are known to be highly equipped with the knowledge of the direction of the proverbial economic winds and possess the skills to steer a company out of financial turmoil. In today’s world with every institution trying to max its economic prowess, the Investment bankers come to occupy a much coveted position. These are people well versed with the financial language and can very well analyze a company and help in boosting the creation of its financial assets and capital. Sometimes these bankers or the banks they belong to can also take up the position of brokers where they find the most lucrative mergers or acquisitions for their clients. In simple words, an investment banker is someone who ensures the economic wellbeing while at the same time maximizing the output a firm would generate.

Is a specific background required to pursue the profession of an Investment Banker?

Lately the job of M&A or someone who specializes in mergers and acquisitions has become a very lucrative one and is popularly known as one of the sexiest jobs in the investment field. As investment banking is primarily a finance field, it does tilt towards the commerce background of things. An aspirant can very well begin from either a graduate, postgraduate, masters level or can be a working professional as well. The only requirements herein are goal orientation, determination, perseverance and a knack for numbers, risk management and analyzing.

While the field of investment banking is clearly in vogue today, it is very evident that it also has many takers in the educational sphere. A lot of institutes have started offering courses that entail investment banking and these courses can be taken right after one finishes their graduation or post-graduation as well.

Imarticus Learning also offers a host of certified courses both short term and long term for the sole purpose of honing the skills of those who are already in the banking field or want to venture in it.

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