The Importance of Investment Banking

Investment banks and commercial banks are the foundation of our economy. Business would grind to a halt without the administrations being given by these establishments. Everything from working capital credits to fund stock to a great deal more mind boggling financing of acquisitions that streamline enterprises and take out waste are given by banks.

Venture managing an account is a specific saving money framework that enables clients to contribute their cash specifically or in a roundabout way and furthermore helps organizations, government and individual raise subsidize by methods for security offering, security deals, mergers and acquisitions and issuing of IPO. Venture managing an account gives both the educated and the learner in the speculation business the chance to augment better profit of their business or property by method for mergers and acquisitions.

Lately numerous venture banks have started searching for software engineering or building majors who have involvement with coding. Yet, don’t give that a chance to demoralize you, certain venture banks like Goldman Sachs welcome candidates of all majors, regardless of whether they’re examining financial aspects or verse, however these open doors are rarer.

Everybody knows to expect long, difficult work weeks regardless of what fund zone they work in, however is an occupation in speculation managing an account truly that much more regrettable? Yes. As indicated by information announced by Transparent Career clients, the normal weeks’ worth of work for Investment Banking is around 77 hours, which levels out to around 11 hours every day.

Odds are you’ve heard that counselling employments require an extra, specific sort of meeting. Regularly so do venture managing an account firms. The quant talk with, short for quantitative, tests your insight into specialized themes, for example, bookkeeping or valuation. You might be made a request to take a gander at and examine a money related proclamation or made a request to characterize certain terms like “working capital” or “goodwill.” Some questioners may even toss in a couple of hard mind secrets to perceive how you handle taking care of issues under anxiety.

This is why lately, many HR managers hiring for top notch Investment Banks are looking out for candidates, who not only know all the basic concepts of this field, but also know how to properly present it out in front of the public and clients. Apart from this, those candidates who have a set of non-verbal, industry endorsed skills are highly preferred. The reason for this being that Investment Banking is not just a field that deals with multimillion dollar deals, it is also about how awe-inspiring and smart a professional is and he looks in order to get the proper kind of work happening. Investment Banking professionals or better known as Investment Bankers play as important a role as the banks themselves do in the economy. Thus if they are unable to bring their A-game, it reflects badly even on the Investment Banks.

This is why many institutes like Imarticus Learning happen to contribute in this field by offering a number of professional training courses for Investment Bankers.

How Investment Banking Helps Your Career?

Truckloads of money and extend periods of time are the signs of the Investment Banking industry. Investment Banking isn’t one particular administration or capacity. It is an umbrella term for a scope of exercises: guaranteeing, offering, and exchanging securities (stocks and bonds); giving money related counselling administrations, for example, mergers and procurement exhortation; and overseeing resources. Speculation banks offer these administrations to organizations, governments, non-benefit foundations, and people.

The activity and players in Investment Banking are as yet revolved around Wall Street and midtown Manhattan in New York City alongside a couple of other cash bases on the world, for example, San Francisco, London, and Tokyo, yet the rundown of players is getting littler as the business merges and firms tumble to today’s battling economy. Today, driving banks incorporate Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, and JPMorgan Chase.

Wall Street is loaded with high-vitality, dedicated youthful superstars. Some are venture investors who put in hours slouched behind PCs, poring over money related articulations and producing spreadsheets by the pound. Others are merchants who watch out for their Bloomberg screen, a telephone over every ear, and a purchaser or dealer on hold each moment the market’s in session. Traders work as an inseparable unit with the institutional deals gathering, whose individuals bounce from air terminal to airplane terminal attempting to offer enormous establishments a bit of the new stock offering they have descending the pipeline. At that point there are the diagnostically disapproved of research experts, who read, compose, live, and inhale whichever industry they take after.

Investment Bankers resemble money related specialists for partnerships which is decisively where the Corporate Finance Group becomes possibly the most important factor. As an individual from Banking or CorpFin, you serve the dealers of securities-Fortune 1000 organizations needing money to store development, and privately owned businesses that are hoping to finish an IPO-by purchasing every one of the offers or every one of the securities an organization has available to be purchased, which are then exchanged by your company’s business constrain to financial specialists available.

As an Investment Banker in corporate back, you will endorse value and obligation (security) offerings, assistance firms devise and actualize budgetary systems, investigate their money related requirements, (for example, how to structure asset reports and when and how to continue with subsidizing activities), and work with the deals and exchanging divisions to decide valuations for new offerings.

Wherever you’re working, you’ll discover that Investment Banking is an aggressive industry where you’ll be all around remunerated in case you’re set up to continue learning and to help the business create and adjust to change. Getting into this field will help you become a very confident individual and apart from that, closing multimillion dollar deals with big companies would ensure that you have more contacts and become more efficient. But most importantly, a lucrative career in the field of Investment banking requires for a professional to be thoroughly industry endorsed. This is especially the reason why a lot of professionals have been looking to get professionally trained by institutes like Imarticus Learning.

Which Abroad Finance Courses, Can One take, online in India?

It isn’t for nothing that the 21st Century has come to be known as the century of digitization and all of the credit, goes to the internet of things. Today the virtual world is capable of doing almost everything worth imagining by the human mind. There are a number of things, that come under this category, for instance internet has made it possible for companies, to multiply their revenue through targeted marketing, almost every industry is turning into a smart industry, data analytics is set to transform the world and so on. So, while internet is proving to be extremely revolutionary,  why should the sector education be left behind. Today, it is absolutely possible for students and aspirants to take up online courses, in any and every subject they would like to master. As learning is a never ending process, anyone regardless of them being a student or a working professional, can take huge strides, towards bettering themselves academically.

There are a number of HR managers who look for the perfect candidate, with a  developed skill set, which fits right in to the industry standards. But time and again and especially in the case of India as a country, there is an evident dearth of industry skills and the soft skills, which most of the professionals working with top investment banks and IT firms, are expected to possess. This is why, just getting a degree in any finance related field, is not enough. This is exactly why a number of professionals, especially in the field of Finance are looking to get professionally trained, through online courses offered by foreign universities, in a bid to climb up the industrial ladder.

There are a number of esteemed universities, which offer online certification courses like the MIT or Stanford, but there are also professional training institutes, which offer certifications, acknowledged either globally or in countries like UK, USA and Canada. Imarticus Learning is one such institute which offers a number of comprehensive certifications, some of which also have international certifications to them. Their Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional course, offers a comprehensive coverage, on a wide array of subjects from Securities to various functions of Investment Banking. This course also offers the optional CISI certified, Investment Operations Certificate. Another program that is internationally endorsed by IIBA, is the Business Analysis Certified Professionals Course, which covers all the key Business Analysis topics.

While the above are foreign universities, which offer certification courses online, there are also professional institutes within India, which aid candidates in cracking tough exams and achieving coveted designations. Imarticus Learning is one such professional training institute, which specializes in providing candidates with professional training, as per the industry standards, in the field of Finance and Analytics. They have been lauded with a number of awards, for the kind of educational services they offer. Imarticus has also been awarded as the best online training institute, by the Pride of Indian Education Awards. Their online offerings include courses like Certification in Capital Markets, Certification in Business Analysis, Assistance in cracking the CFA exams, all of which are not only industry endorsed, but offer internationally accredited certifications to the candidates.

Operations in Commercial Banks


The basics of Investment Banking


What Is Investment Banking?

A number of financial advisory activities that are provided by a bank to individuals or singular organizations

What are the services provided here?

Various services provided under Investment Banking entail mergers, acquisitions, dealings in securities, managing assets and underwriting.

Who is an Investment Banker?

A person, well versed with the financial language and can very well analyze a company and help in boosting the creation of its financial assets and capital.

What does a Career in Investment Banking take?

Goal orientation, determination, perseverance and a knack for numbers, risk management and analyzing.


What’s the Lifestyle of an Investment Banker like?

So many movies, books, T.V shows and the entirety of pop-culture, have time and again glorified the field of Investment Banking, as the most exciting, enthralling of all, full of adrenaline rushes and exciting closures of multimillion dollar deals. Most of us are well acquainted with this field, especially all of the finance aspirants, but have we stopped and wondered, what kind of a lifestyle would an Investment Banker be leading in today’s day and age? Investment Banker is usually considered to be a highly qualified professional, who has to responsibility of taking care of all the financial tasks of all their clients and attend to their financial needs.

There are quite a number of reasons, why anyone would want to pursue Investment Banking as their career. It surely is no secret, that many Investment Bankers, the more experienced they get, the bigger deals they become a part of. This basically caters to those amazing convertible cars, straight cut suits, smart watches and the latest technological gadgets, for these professionals. This upscale, polished lifestyle, tends to an undeniable psychological attraction, for all those finance aspirants, who would want to one day close a multimillion-dollar investment deal, for one of the big gun companies in the finance industry. Very rarely do we tend to see beyond the glittering surface, where these very Investment Bankers, sweat it out on their professional turd by putting in long hours and working almost round the clock, in order to accomplish such great deals.

An ideal day of any Investment Banker would begin with a detailed discussion about the upcoming IPOs, or Initial Public Offerings, meeting up with the Director of the company, going on to review the Mergers and Acquisitions Pitch, revising all valuation materials, while collaborating on it with the clients, dealing with the reviewing of the M&A valuation material and finally completing a draft on the same. This process takes up close to or more than 12 hours daily, which is why that amazing upscale lifestyle, is almost like a compensation for this hard work.

For many aspirants, the biggest motivating factor here is the kind of money, you earn as an Investment Banker, as well as the lifestyle you get to experience and live as a result of that. But just being motivated by the addons and the benefits of this career, would not help you get there. It is only those professionals, who have had a passion for finance since forever and who can keep up with the ever changing financial trends, are able to make it big in this rewarding field. The popular opinion here is that you just need to have a graduation degree, in any field related to finance to be an Investment Banker, but it is not enough. Recently with a number of employers looking for candidates, with industry relevant skills, have resulted into the popularity of professional training courses. These courses are comprehensive training programs in various branches of the field of Finance, like for instance Imarticus Learning, which offers numerous industry endorsed courses in the field of Investment Banking, Portfolio Management, Asset Management and so on. These courses, give the candidates an edge over their contemporaries, when it comes to working for top investment banks.

The Difference between Investment Banking and Equity Research


The field of Finance has always been considered as a very attractive career option, because of the adrenaline rush that one gets, due to working for high profile companies, the exciting hours of the stock exchange and being able to close, deals worth multi-million dollars. Investment Banking and Equity Research are two of the most famous professions in the field of Finance. Although both the professions enjoy a lot of demand from aspirants, but only one of these offers limelight and importance, while the other enjoys being the game changer, behind the curtains. If you are a finance aspirant, looking to make it big and get entry among the big leagues, then either one of these careers can be your sure shot chance. If you are someone, who is very goal oriented and does not need any acknowledgment, equity research would be the best option for you. While on the other hand, if you happen to be someone, who thinks of acknowledgment and appreciation as the biggest motivators, then investment banking is the way to go.

While these differences don’t make much of a difference for someone, who is absolutely fascinated by numbers and logic, there are quite a few nuances in both of these fields, which make them very different from each other. In the earlier days, there were quite a lot of assumptions and reservations regarding both the fields. Equity Research for instance, was thought as the dark horse of the lot and was considered as a dull, unglamorous field to work in. The recent times have brought about a lot of changes, including the much deserved recognition that the field of equity research requires. On the other hand, the field of Investment Banking was always looked up to as an amazing, awe-inspiring career option.

Roles Of An Investment Banker

 The professionals in this field, are said to be the major decision makers of the industry. Their job is basically to conduct an extensive research on various financial deals, go ahead and be an intermediary between the deal makers and close the deals. They are said to add tremendous value to their firm, probably which is why they earn handsomely.

Roles Of An Equity Researcher

Equity Research Analysts, are hailed as the real financial heroes, because it is these people, who create valuation models, research reports, which later on assume the status of major decision makers. These professionals are experts in financial modeling, financial statement analysis, valuation of companies and have a clear idea about, how the economy as well as the currency works.

While both the roles are diverse, they are equally important for any financial corporation, in the market. A huge number of aspirants vie to be working in either of these fields. It is well known that, having just a mere graduation degree, will not really get you there. Which is why a lot of candidates opt for, specialization training programs in both investment banking, equity research as well as, financial modeling, corporate finance and so on. There are a number of esteemed institutes like Imarticus Learning that offer  excellent, industry endorsed courses for the same.